Soffio is born from the idea to create a new concept of camping tend. It is a solid shelter to allow creating a place, where the only thing is to cut everything back to the essential and enjoy the landscape around you.

Yacht Projects

From sketches to the shipyard.

Yachts are the most interesting things that a designer can draw. It is interesting and it is the best incentive, into each design project, find the way to fit all the spaces together.  


Crooner is a portable lamp that allow showing amazing light effects on the wall to create a perfect atmosphere around you. Crooner has batteries inside and it lights thanks to the use of a different switch. The lamp was selected into Design Competition Contest and it was shown at the HOMI fair.


The space flows between inside and outside, said one of the most important designer in the world. Interiors must reflect the external structure to create a design of total beauty.