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TENDER LIMOUSINE 10.5 m – Falcon Tenders

Anna Borla Design & Yachts - Falcon Tenders

Tender Limousine 10-5 m - Falcon Tenders - Anna Borla Design & Yachts

TENDER LIMOUSINE 10.5 m – Falcon Tenders

Anna Borla Design & Yachts - Falcon Tenders

British tender manufacturer Falcon Tenders has presented a new 10.5 metre limousine tender in collaboration with Italian designer Anna Borla of eponymous studio Anna Borla Design & Yachts.

The all-new 10.5m limousine tender enjoys an elegance and sophistication that has become synonymous with Falcon Tenders. Clean and crisp lines with a distinctive low profile and aerial symmetry give the boat presence on water. A blend of futuristic details, such as circular vertical bow lights and a wraparound exterior LED, are mixed with traditional styling, from the shape of the hull to the classic port holes, guaranteeing the boat’s wide appeal.

Most striking is the strip of glass that runs down the centre of the boat, filling the interior with natural light. The skylights open at either end, providing a pleasant sea breeze when underway. The glass ceiling panel is matched with vertical wraparound windows, keeping guests enclosed and comfortable in all sea states in an air-conditioned and inviting indoor environment. This is complemented by premium leather upholstery for a refined interior finish.

From a service standpoint, the sustainably sourced teak used on the exterior deck areas also runs along the top of the boat, enabling crew easy access from bow to stern without interrupting guests seated inside.

Wrapped in an eye-catching light blue superstructure, the lightweight craft is manufactured from plant-based epoxy resin and faired and painted by hand to superyacht standards. Its compact dimensions, weight reduction and fixed lifting points make it easily stored and deployed from most superyacht tender garages.

As with all Falcon tenders, sustainable propulsion is at the forefront of the design, with a combustion, diesel-electric propulsion system or an all-electric version available, all of which occupy equivalent engine space. The hybrid and electric self-charging plug-in options bring the added bonus of emission-free transfers without compromising on comfort, style or performance.


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